Hello, my name is Alex Kirk.

I am a PhD student in Theology & Religion at Durham University and a ministry partner/global instructor with Training Leaders International and Christ Community Church (Daytona Beach, FL).

My PhD thesis focuses on reading Proverbs 30 as both poetry and theology within the book of Proverbs, the Hebrew Bible, and the Christian canon. I am interested in things like Biblical Hebrew philology, poetry, wisdom literature, and theological interpretation of Scripture. For a window into my academic work, complete with PDFs of publications, syllabi, and more (!), you can browse my academia.edu profile. Much of the same info is on my CV, which I keep up-to-date as a public Google doc.

From 2016–19, I spent most of my time teaching Bible and theology for national pastors in the majority world with Training Leaders International. I still teach with TLI, but I'm no longer full-time staff. If you want to follow my teaching for the global church in real time, or view a gallery of past adventures, check out my Instagram.

The best way to keep up-to-date with me and my work as well as get a glimpse into what I am studying, teaching, and thinking about is to subscribe to my monthly email newsletter. I'm calling it Splintered Light, which comes from a paradigm-shifting conversation that C.S. Lewis once had with J.R.R. Tolkien. Just in case anyone is interested, old issues of the newsletter are archived here.

Thanks for reading.

Stay in touch: alexander.t.kirk@durham.ac.uk